Physical activity is important in helping to manage your asthma, but it can sometimes be difficult to participate if your asthma is playing up. Here are our top 8 tips for exercising with asthma.

Make sure you warm up
Warm up and stretch before exercise. Remember to cool down when you finish.

Take your reliever before exercise
Use your reliever before exercise as directed by your doctor.

Have your reliever on you
Always carry your reliever with you when exercising. Use a spacer with a puffer.

Breathe through your nose
Your nose filters and warms the air you breathe in before it reaches your lungs.

Be more active
The fitter and healthier you are the better your lungs will perform.

Tell your coach you have asthma
Let others know where you keep your reliever and a copy of your action plan.

Avoid asthma triggers
Exercise when well, avoid cold dry air and manage other triggers where possible.

Take your preventer
If prescribed taking a preventer every day will help manage asthma and exercise.

Activ8 for Asthma

At Asthma WA, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in sport. Our Activ8 program provides free asthma education for coaches and other people working with children in sports. This exciting program aims to give coaches the awareness and tools to encourage children to participate in sport and not let asthma hold them back.

Being active can make an enormous difference to children with asthma, helping them to stay fit, maintain a healthy weight and strengthen their breathing muscles to help their lungs work better.