This free workshop aims to increase your workplaces knowledge and confidence in managing asthma.

Learn more about what asthma is and how to respond to symptoms so that you feel more in confident in managing asthma in the workplace.

We invite your workplace to book a free Living Well with Asthma session to learn about:

  • Asthma medications and how to use the delivery devices
  • Common asthma triggers in the workplace and how to manage these
  • The importance of asthma action plans
  • What to do when yourself or a colleague is having an asthma flare-up or severe asthma attack


Allow at least 1 hour.


Free. Currently these sessions are funded by the Australian Government, through Asthma Australia’s Community Support Program.

Register your workplace:

**This form is a request only. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferences. Session details will be confirmed by an Asthma Educator at the Asthma Foundation WA.

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