You can help reduce the impact of asthma by raising awareness and funds for our asthma education and empowerment programs, encouraging people to take control of their asthma so that we reach our goal of zero deaths within WA.

  • At the moment, on average, 1 person dies of asthma every two weeks in WA.  Over 420 people die each year nationally;
  • Asthma is the #1 cause of days lost from the workplace;
  • Asthma is the highest admission cause for hospital emergency callouts and;
  • Asthma affects 1 in 6 children and 1 in 9 adults in WA.

There are multiple ways in which you can raise funds to help.
Here’s the steps to get you started.


No idea is a bad idea!

As long as it makes money!  From the creative to the more bizarre, there’s a way for everyone to raise funds and be a hero for people living with asthma. If you’re passionate about it enough, chances are, it will work.


Let’s get you registered

You’re ready to start raising funds for Asthma WA and be a hero for people living with asthma? Great!


Here’s all the info you’ll need

Our Asthma WA Fundraising Kit will ensure that we get you off to the right start. 


We’ve got the tips and tools for you

We want to make sure that starting your own fundraising event is easy and fun!  


Now let’s get social

Share your fundraising with all your friends and family and ask them to show their love by donating to your event or campaign. Send them an email or post the link to your Facebook page or other social media channels and ask them to donate and share it.


Fitness freaks look here!

Want to get involved in a fitness challenge that raises money for asthma?

fun event

Want to create your own event?

That’s cool too!  We love new ideas  and if you can show us how it will make money for Asthma WA, then we’ll back you!


Start fundraising online today?

Within a few minutes you can sign up to everydayhero and start fundraising for Asthma WA.  You can even have your own mini website – dedicated to you that you can send a link to all your buddies to get them to support you in helping people living with asthma.