Changing rooms!

Walk around your home and collect all the stuff that’s just sitting there that you don’t need anymore.  Then pop it on Gumtree or Ebay and give the proceeds to Asthma WA.  Itr won’t cost you a cent.


Get your creative juices flowing

Make some jewellery.  Create a quilt, paint a masterpiece, and then pop it on Ebay or Gumtree. Post the link to all your social media friends and family and donate the proceeds to Asthma WA.

weekend casual dressign

Casual Day Friday

Most businesses these days allow team members to dress down a little on Fridays.  It’s just one of those Aussie things!  Why not encourage each team member to donate a gold coin each week on casual day.  You could even start to have some fun with it and have theme days…..or not!


Celebrate asthma!

Having a birthday soon?  Why not ask friends and family to support kids with asthma in lieu of gifts… just have a “card box” near the entry to your home where all the guests can place their card (and donation) as they enter…but make sure its secure.  If you’re encouraging your kid to “give back”, it’s a good theme to have for a birthday party.


Get your bake on!

If baking is your thing, bake and sell cakes at work or school. Or perhaps one weekend put on a high tea for your friends to come to…for a cost of course.

swear jar

The classic swear jar

This is a good tactic for the workplace to raise funds.  If you say it, you pay for it.


Sausage Sizzle

How easy is a sausage sizzle at your local club, school, park or backyard. Get the whole street involved, or school or club.  It’s worked for years at all the Bunnings stores. It can work just as well for you. Where there’s a crowd – there’s a dollar!

5cent piece

Grab those pesky 5 cent pieces!

We don’t use them for anything these days. In fact some kids might never have seen one.  Why not get the kids to find as many 5 cent pieces they can. Encourage them to ask friends, family and even a few of the good neighbours. After all, nobody really has any use for them, but if you add a whole bunch of them up, you’d be amazed as to how much it makes.


Do some chores

Incentivise your kids to do chores for kids with asthma.  All those jobs you want done around the house can be taken care of…as long as you pay up for them. They might even like to do some for the neighbours as well. Encourage them to give at least half of what they make to Asthma WA to help other kids.


Epic Challenge

Swim, walk, run, golf, whatever you’re good at, turn it into something epic that raises money for Asthma WA.  We have the expertise to get you started.


Toys Are Us!

How many toys do you have in the back of your wardrobe? Now imagine if every kid in your class brought all the toys they don’t use any more to school and you have a big toy sale.  How much money would you make for kids with asthma?

blue man

Dress in colour day

Give everyone at work or school a chance to dress up or dress down for the day wearing a particular colour.  Everyone who dresses up donates a gold coin to Asthma WA.  Collect it all on the day and then call us to donate the money.