Spacers are recommended to be used with puffers as it help deliver the right dose of medicine into your lungs. Using your inhaler correctly helps your medications work better and reduce side effects. See below video for full instructions.

Full instructions for puffer and spacer use (tidal breathing technique)

  1. Remove inhaler cap
  2. Hold inhaler upright and shake well before inserting into spacer
  3. Put mouthpiece between teeth without biting and close lips to form a good seal
  4. Breathe out gently, into the spacer
  5. Hold spacer level and press down firmly on inhaler canister once
  6. Breathe in and out normally for four breaths before removing spacer from the mouth
  7. Breathe out gently
  8. Remove inhaler from spacer
  9. If an extra dose is needed, repeat steps 2 to 8
  10. Replace cap on inhaler

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