Asthma WA is visiting Perth Children’s Hospital on World Asthma Day. The visit is part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the condition and provide support to those affected by it.
The highlight of the visit will be the appearance of Puff the dragon, Asthma WA’s beloved mascot. Puff is a friendly dragon who loves to help children learn about asthma and how to manage it effectively. He will be on hand to meet and greet the children, as well as share some important information about asthma in a fun and engaging way.

We’re excited to bring Puff the Dragon to the Perth’s Children’s Hospital and engage with children in a fun and interactive way. We believe that by educating children about asthma management, we can help them take control of their condition and improve their overall health.

In addition to Puff’s appearance, Asthma WA will also be providing educational materials and resources to families and caregivers. These materials will include information about asthma triggers, how to use inhalers and spacers, and what to do in case of an asthma emergency.

The visit to the Fun on Four floor at Perth’s Children’s Hospital is just one of many events and activities that we have planned for the year ahead. Asthma WA is committed to raising awareness about asthma and supporting those affected by it across the state of Western Australia.

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