Children like Milana need your help

Diagnosing asthma can be difficult, especially in young children.

It can take a team of doctors and specialists months to confirm each child’s triggers and make an accurate diagnosis.

Our new Paediatric Respiratory Hub has had a life-changing impact on Western Australian families just like Milana’s. We need to keep it going.

Will you help us?

Behind Milana’s beautiful smile lurks an invisible burden.

Born early, Milana’s parents Karin and Adam were warned she could have lung problems as she grew. And they were right. This little girl has had to fight for every breath, most of her short life.

Last Christmas while in Canada, Milana was only four years old when she was flown to hospital by emergency helicopter, leaving her parents watching fearfully from the ground.

Sadly, she has spent every Christmas of her young life in hospital surrounded by strange machines and tubes.

For Milana it took her Canadian medical team months of testing to work out what was causing her to flare up and how to manage her asthma to prevent further attacks.

But when the family moved to Perth earlier this year, they had to start all over again. 

In a completely new environment full of pathogens and different medications available, the risk to Milana was great and they were being bounced around the system without any solution in sight.

But when they were referred to Asthma WA’s Paediatric Respiratory Hub things began to change.

“Until we found Asthma WA and the Paediatric Hub, we felt like lost souls going around and around in circles, we didn’t know who or where to go to look for help”, Milana’s mother Karin told us.

The Paediatric Respiratory Hub brings together asthma professionals to provide a thorough assessment, diagnosis and tailored education for children aged 5 to 18 – all in the one appointment.

Please donate before Christmas towards the cost of a family’s appointment, ensuring they get the right diagnosis, treatment and access to expert support and education. Any gift, large or small will help change lives.

Families like Milana’s are relying on us. Please be as generous as you can.

If you prefer not to donate online call our team on (08) 9289 3600 or email for EFT, phone and postal options.

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