L to R: Greg Hutchinson, CEO, Sonic Health Plus and Chris Palandri, Regional Managing Director, Multiplex

WA Corporate Leaders, Chris Palandri (Regional Managing Director, Multiplex) and Greg Hutchinson (CEO, Sonic HealthPlus), have come together to take on yet another challenge – as if the pandemic hasn’t been a big enough challenge for both the building industry and medical teams in keeping workforces safe.

Both corporations wholly understand the importance, and especially during a respiratory pandemic, that an organisation like Asthma WA would need the additional support to help West Australians living with asthma.

With that background, Chris Palandri ‘stepped up’ and offered a challenge to another corporate who would also step up to the plate to match the $5k donation. Greg Hutchinson jumped at the chance for Sonic HealthPlus to join the walk and match the raised funds with their WA clinics and Head Office taking part.

“With asthma being one of the leading causes of childhood emergency department admissions, we can help people with asthma, and at the same time, reduce hospital admissions and the burden on frontline hospital workers. For our participating staff, they have an extra incentive to walk or exercise, which has also been a key issue during COVID,” says Greg Hutchinson from Sonic HealthPlus.

This novel approach to fundraising with corporates dollar-matching corporates could be a first – and this approach came to Chris because he wanted to do something innovative.

Multiplex and Sonic HealthPlus invite all Western Australians to take part in Wheezy Walk 2022 (1-31 Oct); an event which is COVID-19 safe to help keep kids out of hospital, and potentially reduce the burden on frontline health staff and get fit at the same time. Wheezy Walk 2022 is a fantastic way to shine a light on asthma and Asthma WA is privileged to have Multiplex and Sonic HealthPlus join the challenge of 7,646 steps a day for the month of October.

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