Asthma WA is a not-for-profit that relies on the generosity of financial donations and the generosity of West Australian’s that enables our mission to lead the education and empowerment of Western Australians to take control of their asthma.

Meet our team

The people on the frontline of Asthma WA every day.

This small team of educators hit the streets of Perth and WA every week empowering people to take control of their respiratory health to help us reach our goal of zero deaths in WA from asthma.

Meet our Board

The people guiding the governance and strategic direction of Asthma WA.

Asthma WA is lead by a skills-based Board of Directors who volunteer their time and expertise each month, overseeing the strategy and governance requirements.

Meet our life members

The people who have been a big part of Asthma WA.

Many people have given a great deal of time to Asthma WA since it’s beginnings in 1964. They are honoured here as life members and we are proud to acknowledge them here.

Meet our volunteers

The people who help us out when we need that extra helping hand.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who help out at different times of the year. These are some of them.