Does your child keep you up at night with their coughing? Do you feel your child’s asthma is not under control?

Asthma can be difficult to diagnose and optimise in children, and sometimes requires several appointments bridging different health professionals across hospital and community services. Families need to take time off school and work, deal with waiting lists, and sometimes travel to and from hospital clinics.

Asthma WA’s Paediatric Respiratory Hub is changing this.

Asthma WA’s Paediatric Respiratory Hub aims to make diagnosis, treatment and assessment of asthma in children easier for families. It combines paediatric respiratory testing and an appointment with an Asthma WA Respiratory Health Nurse or Educator, as well as a consultation with a Paediatric Respiratory Specialist (if required). Where possible, this will be a coordinated appointment in the one location, feeding back to those people involved in the child’s care.

The service is FREE to access and is available for children aged 4-18. A referral from your GP is needed with appointments currently available at our Cockburn clinic rooms, with a view to expand the service depending on funding.

Feedback from families who have experienced the collaborative service provided through the Paediatric Respiratory Hub say it has made an enormous difference to their lives. It has reduced the stress of multiple appointments and visits to the emergency department and given them confidence and clarity to better manage their child’s asthma.

Current funding is limited but there will always be a need for this service.

Hospitalisations under 4

Please donate and help us keep this service going. Every dollar raised helps a Western Australian with asthma.