As the autumn nights start getting cooler, most of us are packing away our summer bedding and bringing out our warmer covers for the winter months. Now is the perfect time to make sure you’ve got dust mite bedding protection in place!

Dust mites are a significant cause of allergic reactions associated with asthma, eczema, sinusitis, hayfever and rhinitis. Dust mites gather in the dark and padded areas of our bedding where they feed, breed and multiply. They are invisible to the naked eye and produce droppings that are the most common trigger of dust-related allergies. The average mattress can support a colony of 2 million.

Protect yourself and your family with a range of soft and comfortable products available from the Asthma WA retail shop.  Bedding protection uses tightly woven cotton to create a fabric barrier, reducing exposure to dust mite allergens.  We stock both pillowcase protectors and mattress protectors in a range of sizes.  Jump online or drop into our office to purchase today – but remember to measure the length, width and depth of your mattress beforehand as you will need to know these exact figures to ensure you purchase a product that fits correctly.

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