Asthma & COPD Telehealth Service for Country WA

The Asthma & COPD Telehealth service is a free service that brings care closer to home for Western Australians living in regional WA with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is also known as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. In many country areas, access to asthma and/or COPD services is limited or does not exist. Now people living in regional areas can get education and support for their condition from an experienced respiratory health educator via a telehealth appointment on a computer or television screen.

How does the telehealth service work?

The service uses videoconferencing to provide telehealth appointments, linking you with a respiratory health educator.  This service can be delivered from your local hospital, health centre, community resource centre or telehealth enabled GP surgery.

In places where there is good enough internet connection, you might even link in to the appointment in your own home via a computer or mobile device.

It’s like having a face-to-face appointment with a respiratory health educator, but you don’t to be in the same room (or even the same town). Think of it as a phone call, but with the benefit of vision.

During the telehealth consultation, an experienced respiratory health educator located at Asthma WA’s Perth office will help you to manage your condition working in partnership with your local GPs and health services where possible.

Is it an established technology?

Videoconferencing is used every day in WA to link patients in regional WA with specialists in Perth and regional hospitals. Asthma & COPD Telehealth uses this same infrastructure around the state, concentrating on asthma and COPD education and support.

Will my doctor be kept informed?

Asthma & COPD Telehealth aims to work in partnership with local GPs and healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care for patients. Your GP and any other healthcare professionals you nominate will receive regular updates from your respiratory health educator. You can also choose to have a member of your local healthcare team join you for your consultation.

What happens during a telehealth consultation?

You can expect an appointment to be very similar to a face-to-face consultation: you can talk about your asthma or COPD (chronic bronchitis or emphysema), ask questions or raise concerns. You can also have a support person and other members of your healthcare team join you for your appointment. The appointment carries with it the same privacy and confidentiality assurances as face-to-face consultations. You won’t be required to operate the telehealth equipment yourself, unless you choose to have the appointment at your home.

Benefits of telehealth for consumers, GPs & health professionals

Gain the confidence to manage your condition and breathe easily

Benefits of arranging an appointment:

  • FREE one-on-one support and education helps you to better manage your condition
  • Learn more about your chronic condition, medications and inhalers
  • Learn how to recognise and respond to asthma/COPD flare ups and emergencies
  • Easy access to the video conferencing via computers at local health centres or at home where possible

Refer and improve your patients’ quality of life and health outcomes, while improving valuable clinical time

Patients who use the service: 

  • are empowered to work with their GP to manage their condition effectively
  • are more informed about their condition, medications and delivery devices
  • learn how to respond to symptoms
  • know what to do during an asthma/ COPD flare up or severe attack
  • receive a 4-6 follow up from our respiratory health educators

Clinicians and GPs who refer to the service:

  • receive an individual education summary for each patient
  • are supported by experienced respiratory health educators who provide case review and patient education and support

How do I get a Tele-health consultation?

To refer yourself, or someone you care for, please complete a registration form, or contact us using the below details.


1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462)


Are you a health professional referring a patient?

Please complete an online referral form for your patient or contact us to request an electronic referral form.

Health Professional development sessions

Whilst primarily used by consumers the asthma and COPD telehealth service will also provide monthly opportunities for Health Professionals to up skill in relation to prevention, treatment and management of asthma and COPD.

Who delivers Asthma & COPD Telehealth?

Asthma WA is delivering the service through a partnership with the WA Country Health Service (accessing Better Health Improvement Program Funding), WA Primary Health Alliance and Country WA Primary Health Network.