Training for school staff

Asthma WA recommends that schools take extra steps to ensure the safest possible environment for students with asthma – this is one in nine of your students! Knowing more about asthma and what to do in the case of an asthma flare-up could save a student’s life.

Asthma WA provides professional development training for school staff. Sessions take approximately one hour and include:

  • Physiology of asthma, medications and devices
  • Triggers in the school environment – with a focus on exercise-induced asthma
  • How to recognise an asthma flare-up
  • Asthma first aid and how to manage an emergency

Our Respiratory Health Team is also available to speak to students, P&C’s and other community groups upon request.


Whilst Federal Government funding for face-to-face education in schools has ceased, we believe it is essential that school staff have access to individualised asthma education and training for their location. Therefore if possible, we are requesting schools make a small donation to help cover the costs and make this program sustainable.

Read more about our Bust Out in Blue campaign for fundraising ideas.

Training deliver methods

  • A one hour face to face session on site for Perth metropolitan schools.
  • A one-hour online training course.

Book a session

To book a professional development session, complete the form below, contact us via email at or phone for further information on (08) 9289 3600.

Asthma-Ready Classroom Checklist

Does a student in your classroom have asthma? Is your classroom ready so they have a safe and comfortable environment for learning? Take a look at our Asthma-Ready Classroom Checklist.

Register for online training with Asthma Australia

A free one-hour online course, run by Asthma Australia, with a certificate of completion.

“In a regular classroom, you would expect to find that three students will have diagnosed asthma. This course will provide school staff up-to-date information on asthma and its management within the school setting. Most importantly, school staff will be trained in the national protocol for the first aid treatment of an asthma attack.”

Bust Out in Blue

This is a fun initiative that teaches children to be inclusive and to look after their classmates and friends with asthma – reducing the stigma and keeping everyone safe. It’s up to you how you participate in the day, and we have a number of resources we can share to make your day a huge success. You could even turn this into a fundraising activity so that the children can learn the power of giving.

For more information, contact our Community Engagement Team on (08) 9289 3600 or email

Student and Parent Education

Education sessions for parents and students can be conducted upon request.  Contact Asthma WA to discuss.

Other Useful Resources