Asthma WA recognises schools who take extra measures to ensure the safest possible environment for students with asthma – 1 in 9 of your students! Knowing what to do in the case of an asthma emergency could save a student’s life.

Our team of Respiratory Educators offer training for school staff as well as students, P&C’s and other community groups on request.

Training for school staff

Asthma WA offers professional development to inform and educate staff about correct asthma management for children under their care.

The education session includes:

  • What is asthma
  • Asthma medications and devices
  • Triggers in the school environment – with a focus on exercise induced asthma
  • How to recognise an asthma flare-up
  • Asthma First Aid


All it takes is one hour of your school staffs time to provide this invaluable information.


Whilst our funding for the face to face education program has been ceased by the Federal Government, Asthma WA passionately believes in the benefit of training school staff and are endeavouring to continue to offer this program to schools.

In order to make the program sustainable we are requesting a donation from schools who receive this education. Your contribution will enable us to continue our work across the state.

Alternatively, we would be thrilled if you would like to hold a ‘Bust Out in Blue’ gold coin donation day or any other fundraising activity (for fundraising ideas click here) to raise awareness of asthma in your school community.

Is my school asthma friendly?

A list of Western Australian schools who are Asthma Friendly can be found here.

If your school is not in the listing please contact Asthma WA to find out how you can become an Asthma Friendly School.

The status of schools is updated quarterly. If you have any questions about the status of your school, call Asthma WA on 9289 3600.

This training can be delivered via:

  • A 1 hour face to face session onsite for Perth metropolitan schools.
  • A 1 hour online training course.

NEW! Asthma-Ready Classroom Checklist

Does a student in your classroom have asthma? Is your classroom ready so they have a safe and comfortable environment for learning? Take a look at our Asthma-Ready Classroom Checklist.

Student and Parent Education

Education sessions for parents and students can be conducted upon request.  Contact Asthma WA to discuss.

Asthma Resources for Schools

See a range of resources for use by schools and parents of students, provided by Asthma Australia.