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Summer Holiday Checklist

Important tips on what to do before you go away, preparing for an asthma emergency and recognising your triggers.

Take control of your asthma

A great checklist for anyone with asthma. From monitoring your symptoms to asthma first aid, it’s time to take control of your asthma.

Get your Asthma Action Kit

Only available through the Asthma WA shop, the Asthma Action Kit is an essential addition to your emergency kit. Only $24 and you’ll also be supporting Asthma WA.

Asthma Emergency Guide

An asthma flare-up can build slowly over time or come on quickly. This handy resource will help you recognise the signs and administer asthma first aid.

Join the Asthma Alert

Our Asthma Alert Facebook group is a community of people sharing updates and support during smoke events. Sign up and set your notifications to receive alerts when people share into the group.

Donate and help Asthma WA

At Asthma WA, all of our services (including these resources) are free. Please help us keep it that way by making a donation today.