Support Asthma WA

As not-for-profit organisations, Asthma Australia and its associated Asthma Foundations are heavily reliant on the generous support of people like you. There are three main ways in which you can help.

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Make a donation

Asthma WA aims to educate and empower people living with asthma, and the wider community including schools, health professionals and community groups. An example of how your donation will help Western Australian’s with asthma is by helping Asthma WA provide Asthma Education Session.

Asthma WA collaborates between GPs and families helping young children take control of their asthma. An hour long, one-on-one Asthma Education Session identifies things like key triggers from stress, exercise, or even extreme weather.

Families learn the importance of a written asthma action plan, learn how to use medication properly, what to do in an emergency and how to identify early warning signs to help prevent flare-ups and emergency room visits.

Make a donation today to help Western Australians breathe better. 

Get Involved

Along with donating to Asthma WA, there a few ways you can get involved to support those living with asthma. These include leaving a gift in your will or making a gift in memory of a loved one.

You could also become a corporate partner with Asthma WA or become a community fundraiser.

Read more about how you can get involved with Asthma WA here. 


To help Western Australians to breathe better, the Asthma WA shop provides products to help you manage your asthma and control asthma triggers within your home.

Shop with Asthma WA here.