Your feedback is important to us as it informs our work at Asthma WA. Each year we survey people who have accessed our services to ensure they remain consumer driven and that we continue to improve and grow.

In the past 12 months, the two biggest challenges faced by respondents were sleep and overall wellbeing. Many also highlighted increased feelings of anxiety or depression related to COVID-19, with some feeling judged when coughing or wheezing which was consistent with the recent Asthma Australia survey.

Remember we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need our support by calling (08) 9289 3600 or 1800 ASTHMA.

87.5% of respondents also reported they learnt new information about their asthma/COPD, 85% now manage their condition in a different way, and 74% said their symptoms improved after help from Asthma WA. We could help you too!

When asked where Asthma WA should focus its service delivery, the top responses were:

  • Free lung function testing;
  • Increased presence in hospitals.
  • Resources and support materials for Health Professionals and consumers*

*16% of respondents didn’t have an Asthma Action Plan and 34% had no COPD Management Plan. These are essential tools to maintain a good quality of life. If this, is you, please ask your GP at your next visit.

Stay tuned as we will be responding to these and many other suggestions in the coming year and are working closely with the WA Department of Health and WA Primary Health Alliance to explore new opportunities to increase services for the community.

Further information on the consumer survey will be in our annual report later this year.

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