Social media is your friend

Once you have a fundraising event ready to go, remember to get the word out there.  the quickest and cheapest way to do this is with social media.  Get your family and friends involved by sharing a post about your event.

You need to ask them 2 things though.

#1 Participate in your event – as in donate, buy, come along, whatever it is that will help you reach your target.

#2 Spread the word. Ask them to share your event or facebook page on the event with their own network – even if some of the people are the same.

And don’t be afraid to post it on your own feed lots of times, because as soon as you post it, it starts dropping down your friend’s feeds and they may not even see it.

Also, nobody ever is going to have a go at you for trying to get the word out there about an event that you are promoting that will raise money for a good cause – and asthma is a good cause!  It will only be for a certain time and then it will all be over.  But there is no use committing to something and then doing a half hearted job of it.  So commit. Post passionately. Raise lots of money. Simple as that!

Each time you post, use a different fact about asthma to get their attention – you might even end up helping us educate them at the same time.

Check out our asthma fact page here.

How often should I post?

There is no real rule of thumb for how many posts you should do a day, but you could easily do one post a day on your event to your own facebook feed and it won’t become annoying.  Trust us!  Just do that at different times in the day so that the people who check their facebook feed at the same time each day don’t see it.  So try one in the morning say between 7am and 9am one day. Then the next  day one mid morning between 10am and midday. Then the next day try between 3pm and 5pm and then the next day try one at night around 7pm or 8pm.  Then go back to an early morning post the next day.