Meaghan’s story

“I did not know that I didn’t have to suffer like this forever. And I didn’t realise how much my asthma was limiting me.”

For years, Meaghan had become familiar with the hospital’s emergency department, experiencing severe flare-ups every winter. She had experienced this for so many years that she thought it was normal and it was something to expect each year.

Meaghan would be hesitant to accept invitations to spend time with family and friends or celebrate significant milestones, with an unabated fear of ending up in hospital from an asthma attack followed by days of exhaustion.

“2018 was a really horrible year for me. I think in the space of maybe six weeks, I presented to ED twice with asthma symptoms. From those two admissions, my GP referred me to Asthma WA.”

“My asthma educator was fantastic and provided me with knowledge, information and an understanding of my asthma I had never received before (even after suffering with the condition for most of my life).”

Over a few appointments, Meaghan and her Respiratory Health Educator talked through her medications, reviewed her device technique and developed strategies to rebuild her confidence again so she no longer had to live in fear of doing the things she loved.

More than two years later, Meaghan still remembers what she learned and has not had an asthma-related hospital admission or emergency visit since. She is able to go on hikes, go to the gym and even laugh without having an asthma attack.

“I honestly think the referral to Asthma WA saved my life.”