Ruby’s story

“I’m going to play netball for the Australian Diamonds or if that doesn’t work out, in the Women’s AFL!”

Ruby is just nine years old with big dreams for her future.

But Ruby’s lungs have always struggled to keep up with her determination making her asthma especially dangerous.

Ruby’s mum Jocelyn remembers, “As a baby she was in and out of hospital with bronchitis and then pneumonia. I have never been more terrified than seeing her little lips turn blue and knowing she wasn’t getting air to her lungs.

“As she got older, finding Asthma WA was a godsend. They’ve taught her to self-manage her asthma, connected us with respiratory specialists and guided us through lung function testing. They even helped to create a custom Asthma Action Plan so Ruby and her friends, family and school are ready for any emergency situation.”

“It was her school’s athletics day. I saw her dropping back in a race she normally does well in. By the time she got to the finish line her face was a horrid blue-green colour and she wasn’t able to get a breath in. Her teachers saw it happening too and had her emergency kit ready on the side-line – thank god for the Asthma Action Plan!”

Ruby was able to meet with her respiratory specialist and develop an Asthma Action Plan to keep her playing sports safely.