School bags, books and stationery for the new year are probably top of the list for any parent getting their kids ready for the new term. Whilst the list may be long, you should consider getting an Asthma Action Kit which fits perfectly in any school bag pocket. The Asthma Action Kit comes in two sizes and the small size is a handy little bag that can be kept as an emergency kit for schools, sporting clubs, or community groups, to hold asthma medication and equipment in one convenient place.  

An Asthma Action Kit helps a younger child (or even a teacher or carer) to: 

  • Easily identify asthma medication or supports 
  • Conveniently attach to a school bag or other first aid equipment 
  • It’s made of neoprene for ease of washing and care 

Every Asthma Action Kit includes; 

  • 2 x cardboard disposable spacers 
  • Asthma first aid instructions 
  • Reorder card and 
  • an instruction card on performing asthma first aid and a reliever use log.  

The only extra you will need to purchase is reliever medication from a pharmacy to complete the Asthma Action Kit for use in an asthma emergency. 

Please note: If to be used for children under the age of 5 a spacer with a compatible face mask should be included, such as a La Petite, and spacer. 

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